Weldon Tool Company can lay claim to many firsts. Our Weldon shank was the first straight shank with a locking drive flat. And our Crest-KutŪ end mill was the first to be designed for both roughing and finishing. But it wasn't these firsts alone that put Weldon at the top. Being consistent has been the real key to our success. Consistent in outstanding quality. Prompt delivery. And timely technical support. That's what customer's remember. And at Weldon, we never forget it. Being first to develop a new product is important. But being first in the minds of our customers is even more so.

In the beginning . . .

Carl A. Bergstrom founded The Weldon Tool Company in February, 1918. Back then, in a loft atop the old Blackstone Building in downtown Cleveland, the company was just a two-man machine shop.

Weldon's contributions to the cutting tool industry are well documented. And the firm's history is filled with new product developments that have shaped the industry we know today. Carl Bergstrom believed that using a straight-fluted end mill was not the best method for removing metal so he developed the first helical end mill with flutes of 30 degrees. To compensate for "pull out" forces, and to drive his new end mill, he subsequently developed the Weldon straight shank with a drive flat. This product, known as the Weldon Shank, is accepted today as the industry standard. Its design an tolerances still serve as guides to both end mill users and manufacturers, as well as the American National Standards Institute.

The Ultra-KutŪ high performance tap offering from Weldon goes beyond what is usual and ordinary in high performance tapping. This line of taps was specifically engineered to eliminate confusion and field testing in H limits to obtain a Class 2B or 3B fit with a proven tap geometry for specific materials and applications. Our innovations applied to the taps, combined with application specific geometry, heat treatment and surface treatments, result in better thread finishes, maximum tool life and greatly improved tapping performance. Taps are available in materials including stainless steels, nickel alloys, cast iron, titanium alloys, and all types of steel applications. The styles available in ANSI standard inch and metric sizes include spiral point spiral flute, straight flute and form taps for use in blind or through hole tapping. Diameters range from machine screw size number 4 to 3 quarter inch and M-4 To M-24.

Now a whole new generation of Weldon customers has come along. To serve this new breed, as well as our long-standing customers, we will provide insights into the latest developments in cutting tool technology. We will also offer application tips that can help you increase the productivity of your metal cutting operations.

Weldon's innovations didn't occur by accident. They were the result of skilled people using state-of-the-art materials, processes and equipment. A combination of traditional craftsmanship and today's CNC technology. When you do business with Weldon, you don't just get a cutting tool. You get an entire company that stands behind every product it sells.

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